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  1. Folks on the other forum was quite confused why to put such a huge micro into simple device such as this. The reason is that I wanted to make some simple project for start to grasp some knowledge regarding TIVA µCs. Normally it should be implemented with something much smaller like MSP430 for example. Maybe some day...
  2. Hi My humble project implements button HID keyboard in fancy "emergency-button" casing, which you can reprogram to be any key or combination of keys you wish (open source hardware and software). It is made using Texas Instruments TIVA TM4C123 which is some kind of new incarnation of Stellaris micro as far as I know. The device was prototyped using Launchpad (http://www.ti.com/tool/ek-tm4c123gxl) which is great and I really love it. Then the PCB was designed (the launchpad schematic was invaluable) and programmed with the same Launchpad it was tested on. PCB mounted inside the case looks like that: The case is some (rather cheap like $8 here where I live) Chinese "emergency-button" which originally was meant to turn a machine off in case of accident or something: Firmware implements two interface USB HID device. HID Keyboard Descriptors were found on the Internet and modified by myself. Then additional software was made (GTK+ & C++) which interacts with the button (which at this time is also visible to the OS as ordinary keyboard) and enables the user to store almost any combination of keys (8 control keys + 6 regular keys) in the device. Finally after user presses the button the combination is sent. It may be Play/pause (original intention before the reprogramming idea), Power, or Ctrl-Alt-Del and so on. Like hardware inverted keyboard-shortcut. More info at http://www.iwasz.pl/electronics/the-any-key/ . Oh, and of course this is an open source project, SVN repo links can be found in the original blog post somewhere near the top. Best regards to everyone!
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