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  1. Both devices connect them following pin mapping documentation energy Yes, I am using a Stellaris Launchpad LMF120 Yes, SPI port 2 if for nrf20l01 and SPI port 3 for enc28j60. I have two modules connected and energized, runin the same code, the ethernet part always work, but the RF part only works if I disable the Ethernet side. Where I live I have like getting a connected I will be reviewing the code =) launchpad, I'm doing what I have on hand. thanks
  2. Hi good day ... I'm doing a project that consists of a network of RF sensors that communicate to a station connected to the Ethernet network, the target station that read the sensors and update the variables shown in the IP address configured. I have connected the module NRF24L01 SPI port 2. I am using Enrf24 library. I have the enc28j60 SPI3 module connected to the port. I am using the library UIPEthernet, configure the module to use port 3 Enc28J60Network modifying the file that is included in the same library. I have the following problem: -The NRF24L01 module works well alone. (Alt
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