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  1. "The maximum allowed frequency of the high-speed APB2 domain is 60 MHz" - this is what the user manual says. And someone suggested to send a dummy byte GPIOB->BSRRH |= GPIO_Pin_0; // set PE7 (CS) low SPI1_send(0x05); //The opcode for reading from the status register received_val=SPI1_send(0x00); //this is the dummy byte to be sent in order to read from the buffer. GPIOB->BSRRL |= GPIO_Pin_0; // set PE7 (CS) high PS - I made a mistake while posting the code over here - the read status code is - 0x05 and not 0xA5.
  2. I am using Atollic. This is the link to the datasheet of the memory - http://www.atmel.in/Images/Atmel-5165-SEEPROM-AT25512-Datasheet.pdf I have some doubts - can you please resolve them? 1. When I check the clock on the Oscilloscope - I don't get a square wave (it's something like a square wave with it's upper part curved), why is that happening? Is it OK to not to have a perfectly square wave? 2. What's wrong with the code below, I am trying to read the status register of the EEPROM. received_val remains 0 even after completely executing the code (I am debugging step by step)
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