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  1. I got one in the Tindie store (I see they are all sold out now) and ported my Arduino code over using Energia. The MIDI library for Arduino, version 3.2, http://arduinomidilib.sourceforge.net/ works with no changes! I have a Rockband controller keyboard with a MIDI out, but it only transmits on channel 1. So I wrote the code to have the MSP430+MIDI breakout translate to whatever channel I want, by pressing S2 for channel UP and S1 for channel DOWN. The pots seem to be pretty noisy but I use one of them as a volume knob anyway.
  2. Is there going to be another release?
  3. I am running on Fedora 16 with Indigo. I got the plugin installed by running Eclipse as root one time, so now I get things going. I chose my processor from the list (an MCP430G2231), but when I go to build I get Building file: ../main.c Invoking: MSP430 C Compiler msp430-gcc -O0 -g -Wall -mmcu=msp430g2231 -std=gnu89 -c -o "main.o" "../main.c" cc1: MCU msp430g2231 not supported Known MCU names: msp1 msp2 msp430x110 msp430x112 msp430x1101 msp430x1111 msp430x1121 msp430x1122 msp430x1132 msp430x122 msp430x123 msp430x1222 msp430x1232 msp430x133 msp430x135 msp43
  4. Sorry, posted to the wrong thread (should have been about Eclipse integration
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