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  1. Hello All, I am trying to write data into flash which i need to copy it to the SRAM later. I am doing this in assembly and this is part of the code i am trying to use. I have provided the addresses of the FMD, FMA and FMC registers needed for flash programming and then I am copying those addresses into the registers r8,r9 and r10. My question is how do i now load data values into the addresses pointed by the registers r8,r9 and r10? As you can see, I am clearly wrong somewhere and need assistance!! FMD EQU 0x000000AB FMA EQU 0x000000DC FMC EQU 0x000000FF . . . . . . LDR
  2. Thanks everyone!! Could you give me a code snippet to start about so that I can continue from there?
  3. Hello All, I am new to Stellaris programming and need your assistance. I am trying to read the SRAM contents at time of boot. For this, I need to write an input bit pattern into the SRAM to validate the results after boot. Please let me know how to write into the SRAM and modify the SRAM contents. I am using Stellaris LM4F120 and µvision4 as my IDE. Thanks!! BR, \ksnf3000
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