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  1. what if i have to use an external power through the VBUS (in GPIO vesid 3.3v) and also use the usb port for debugging. should i remove the jumper named R30 and supply 5v to VBUS. or i cant use both simultaneously
  2. hello i used this. and i am getting this dimension error while routing although the board only has the header footprints on the layer itself and the border or the dimensions are floating above the wires on top layer. would it cut down the wire on the marked errors? how can i fix this error following are the images of the error.
  3. just curious why are all the other interrupts in the other heading while the Timer interrupt goes in the other heading. in Startup_ccs why should extern void Timer0IntHandler(void); be under the heading //***************************************************************************** // // External declarations for the interrupt handlers used by the application. // //***************************************************************************** // To be added by user <<<<<<<<* instead of //******************************************************
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