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  1. Hi! I'm testing a EducationalBP MKII (board revision 1.1) which I adquired with the MSP432 launchpad. When running the MSP432 binary examples build in Code Composer, the display and all other things works. When I go to Energia and run a example, the compiler returns error 2 in the EduBPMKII_Screen libraries, saying the board isn't compatible... When I tried to test the Energia examples using my Tiva C launchpad, all worked, except that use the screen. All examples compiles, the RGB led, joystick and buzzer works, but the screen stay blank... Running the LCD_protocol100 example, it returns
  2. I think it is only necessary to use Wire.setModule(3) before Wire.begin() because it is necessary to inform what module will be used before initializing it. In the LCD, I think there is a Wire.begin() inside lcd.init(). The first Wire.begin(3) is useless, because you are defining the I2C module (probably the module 0) as slave with address 3 and after that, changing to module 3 and finally, reconfiguring the module with Wire.begin(). It worked for me in the Senshub boosterpack.
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