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  1. I needed a case designed to hold the BeagleBone Black and 4D Systems 4.3" LCD Touchscreen.  It is designed to sit on a desk and have the screen angled towards the user.  This was one of the prototypes.  I went with a different design than this, so I figured I would release this one to the public if anyone wants it.


    It was designed by reddit user /u/ubermeisters, a moderator on /r/3dprinting.  He is a talented designer, and charges a very reasonable price.  If you need something designed, I can highly recommend him.





    Anyway, here are some renders of the design:



    Just some things you need to be aware of.  This case requires a low profile power adapter, and a small wifi adapter.


    The case is held together by press-in screw inserts, which you will probably have to glue in.  You'll then need screws for it.  Just an FYI, part of the reason I didn't go with this design is because I could only find these inserts in bulk quantities.



    The power cord will fit through the hole in the back.


    You can have it printed on MakerXYZ for ~$30-$50 depending on the person you use, and if they're local or not.


    Anyway, here are the files if you want them:


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