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  1. Hi Moritz, great! Congratulations to you and yout team! Well, if your CAN modules worked fine, did you produce some for purchase?
  2. Hi, anything new about your can module? Did you finish your project?
  3. Hi, that sounds really good. Is your Acc-Sensor an acceleration sensor? I only know Acc as adaptive cruise control, which uses radar or lidar sensors, but I think you don't mean this. I hope you will be successful with this booster pack as well as with your formuly student project and the races you will have. Concidering the sensors on your board you should offer it with basic IO-driver-software for calibaration and reading sensor data. Please let me know when your booster pack is available and the price you are thinking of.
  4. Hi mrmoritz, back to your initial question. Are you still open for features to include? Well, I am working with trucks, and trucks don't have a 12V but a 24V electric system. So it would be nice if if your dc/dc-converter could work with 24V input (which mean at least 32V input voltage). The physical dimensions of the booster pack should not exceed the dimensions of the stellaris board. It should be possible to put another booster pack on top of your booster pack, so there should be female connectors for all pins of the stellaris board on top of your board. Concerning the CAN-Bus there sh
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