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  1. @@energia Yeah I can and I seriously want to but the problem is this code of mine is one part of Texas Instruments India Analog Design Contest - 2014 and contest authority told us not share our work with any platform till the day result will get announced. We have to submit our work within next two weeks. If they allow me to share my work with others I will surely contact to you..
  2. @chiken It works..Thanks a lott..I also have to modify couple of other thing..
  3. @@spirilis : Yes right.. In Arduino uno, response which I had received was like... while in Tiva C launchpad, response I am receiving is like..
  4. Am I missing any required includes in code..??? As I am new with Energia and Tiva C MCUs I don't know about this. So please answer if anyone has any clue..
  5. @Rickta59: I have tried using float but result is still same as a double.
  6. @ L.R.A: I used that only but i am getting garbage values.. I still cant figure out reason behind it..And same code gives correct values in Arduino. Am I missing something in my code..???
  7. Hello community members.. I am trying to interface MMA7455 digital accelerometer with my Tiva C launchpad..I am using this code for interfacing. I have tested code provided in that link on my arduino uno and its working perfectly fine and give accurate value. Now, I have used same code in Energia and connected MMA7455 at I2C module-3 which is default module in Tiva C launchpad. My problem is the acceleration values in particular direction I am getting is some random garbage value. This is my first time encounter with Energia. Please help me to resolve my problem. I have connected two
  8. Hello guys.. i have compiled successfully with following method.. Where x is module number.. Serialx.begin(9600); for eg.. Serial2.begin(9600); // for UART module 2 Serial3.begin(9600); // for UART module 3 I have not tested this on hardware.. I will test it on hardware within couple of days..and will post result here..
  9. Hello everyone.. I am beginner with Energia. I have Tiva C series launchpad which features TM4C123G series microcontroller. Now this microcontroller has 8 UARTs. I have tested basic serial communication using energia and it works perfectly fine. Now i want to use UART module 3 of this microcontroller which is pin no 13 and 14 (PC6 and PC7). So how can i do this using Energia..?? Thank you.
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