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  1. Hi, I want to implement a simple USB-HID-device with the BeagleBone Black. Google already leaded me to this thread that contains some custom HID code: http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/453-launchpad-usb-example-and-documentation-additionslabs/ Since this seems to be some insider-code a few (beginners) questions: 1. I want to receive a report from my host and send back some bytes as response. The custom HID code in thread mentioned above contains a function in StellarisWare/usblib/device/usbhidcustom.c that receives some report data. But where/how can I send back the response? Or is there a simple example available that demonstrates such easy reception/transmission of reports? 2. usblib/Stellarisware seems to be some higher-level-thingy, but how can I modify it to run with the AM3358 - what modifications do I have to do in order to apply usblib to my hardware? Any help that pushes me into the right direction is appreciated :-)
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