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  1. My problem is solved, and I can tell u all, Logitech c525 works fine I am using Logitech c525. It supports yuyv, mjpg and not h.264. So I was unable to use ./capture correctly. I was able to resolve my problem by using ./capture -c 600 -o > output.raw In this case, the default setting for output format was used. I set it too mjpg using root@beaglebone:/dev# v4l2-ctl –set-fmt-video=pixelformat=1 To resolve my 2nd doubt, I compiled the code, which I forgot to do. Use – gcc –O2 –Wall `pkg-config –cflags –libs libv4l2` grabber.c –o grabber Then I was able to execute with no problem
  2. I am trying Derek Molloy's video & frame capture program. Anyone tried with Logitech c525? 1. When I try this ./capture -F -c 600 -o > output.raw Force Format 2 Timeout 2. When I try this ./grabber.c Permission denied Anyone can help me out?
  3. I have BBB connected via USB, using PuTTY on windows In PuTTY, Host Name (or IP address) : Port : 22 When I load session with above settings, then if we want to connect back to the PC, I type - ping -> 20 packets sent, 0 received, 100% loss Always packets are sent but received is zero always Ps - I see this step in Derek Molloy's Beaglebone- Getting Started - Windows USB Network Adapter Setup Tutorial. Cant go ahead, I am stuck. He mentions the PC appears as on network and BBB is But when I try myself, zero packets are received Can anyo
  4. par11

    Software selection

    @@bluehash, thanx very much....I was searching for this....I have come to know of a shorter method using 'crontab' Are you aware of it? On another note, have you worked with OpenCV on BBB? With which software? I have read many BBB users using Debian as software. How different is it from Ubuntu or Angstrom?
  5. par11

    Software selection

    @@bluehash - I get your point that a display is not necessary. But why do I need ethernet? Can you elaborate please? Once I write a code, say Test.cpp, deploy to my BBB. Now I remove it from computer, give 5V adapter power supply, and ethernet connection as you tell. How does the BBB know it has to run Test.cpp? For my knowledge, let me know the Test.cpp is stored on my microSD card or the 2GB eMMC?
  6. par11

    Software selection

    I will describe my queries i missed out - 1. How do i choose which platform to work on? I intend to use OpenCV for real time image processing. I have never used anything other than Windows platform. So guide me accordingly. 2. I have gone through several tutorials, projects on the internet. What I see is the BBB is connected via ethernet/USB to a computer.(I am not talking about the power supply, an adapter will work too). In some projects there is BBB working as the only processing device, no computer is connected. I want the same for my project. Is there any tutorial describing a wa
  7. guys how do i choose which platform to work on? Ångström Linux Android Ubuntu Cloud9 IDE I knw C/C++, JAVA lang....but i m ready to learn another if needed I want to build real time OCR project using BBB as processing device.....
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