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  1. Yes, my free account with them stated as Pachube, then Cosm and now Xively. I think the 1st time was a change of ownership, but the 2nd was just a name change.
  2. Over the past 10 years I've used various micro-controllers and devices to monitor and control my home heating and cooling system, water heater, sump pump, humidifier, AC power, lights, as well as a custom security system. After downsizing and moving into a condo a couple years ago, I also downsized my system toys, much to my wife's relief. But I am currently using a BeagleBoardXM to monitor our gas furnace and relevant weather datapoints. I thought I would share some of this project with anyone who might be interested. The heart of the monitoring system is a BeagleBoardXm running Ubuntu 13
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