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    BBB hardware upgrade

    Thanks for the input Spirilis. If I could get 16 24v IO that would be good. I was actually thinking that I could take the existing hardware design and have someone "upgrade" with the necessary components to get 24v and more RAM. A cape would be nice just to get the screw terminals on for the IO. I know the footprint would change but that's OK by me.
  2. I'm not a hardware guy, I write software for a living so bear with me on this question that may be obvious to others. How difficult would it be to redesign and increase the RAM to 2gb and change the power source and digital IO to 24v? I know that is not the intent of the original design but it's close to what I need, just needs some minor (or maybe not so minor) tweaks. I have an idea for an industrial application but most everything in those environments is 24v. Thanks, Mark
  3. OK, that should work fine.
  4. New to the BBB but really enjoying it so far. I'm a programmer by trade and quite weak on the electronics side of things (that's why I have electrical guys at work). So far I've done the little things: Blink LED, sound buzzer, use the bit shift chip to control multiple LED's, read temperature, read a button input. All done with Python which I am learning as well. Then I ventured into using it as a Modbus-TCP server and client to read and store data from some of our field devices. Next I want to setup a robotic arm and learn to program that and remotely control it over Modbus.
  5. OK, I'm pretty new to the BBB and my background is in programming not electronics. I would really like to setup the BBB as a robotic arm controller. The arm I'm looking at is the Lynxmotion AL5D 4 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm. http://www.robotshop.com/en/lynxmotion-al5d-robot-arm-combo-kit-4-dof.html#Multimedia Is the BBB capable of controlling this 4-axis robot? I would assume I need a cape to do this but can't determine if an existing one would work. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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