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  1. Hello everybody, as part of a research project I am looking for an example code or project for the TI Stellaris plattform, which has rather high complexity. In particular, it should have a rather big code size, preferably a lot of functions and/or should process advanced algorithms. I know it is a rather abstract question, however, looking at the sample code of StellarisWare and the code I can find online, most of the codes are way to minimalistic to use it as part of my project. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, I need to write a bunch of values from SRAM to flash during the startup of the device. Thus, the code needs to be ASM and is part of Startup.s. The TRM (page 487) states the following procedure to write to flash: Write source data to FMD register Write target address to FMA register write key and WRITE bit (0xA442001) to FMC register poll FMC register until the WRITE bit is cleared I implemented the steps 1-3. However, there are several issues: How can I write the WRITEKEY and bit from step (3) to FMC? Using the key directly leads to a complaint:Immediate 0x0A442001
  3. Hi together, I am trying to get UART working on my Stellaris Launchpad (LM4F120H5QR) using the onboard PIN headers (UART1/2) instead of the USB cable (UART0). This is how my code looks like (based on uart_echo from StellarisWare). I am using a FOCA tiny break-out board (integrating a FT232 IC) to receive the data on my terminal software. Currently, I am trying to set up UART1 and GPIOB (PB0 / PB1). However, I do not receive anything on my temrinal software, while using the standard uart_echo code for UART1 it works properly. Can somebody tell me what I am missing? If this works, I am gett
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