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  1. I guess I don't have the Screen_ILI9340.h or Screen_ILI9340.cpp files I need. I have distribitions 107, 113, and 122beta of the LCD library suite and can't find them anywhere. What I have been using is from the Screen_ILI9340.zip file I found on here. If I try using the Screen_ILI9340_Library.h and Screen_ILI9340_Library.cpp files in that, but remove the Library from the filename I get some errors when compiling the program using them in distribution 122beta. This is the only distribution I have found to give ILI9340 as a choice for that screen, other than the Screen_ILI9340.zip file. Do you k
  2. Yes, the example program provided with the library works fine. I just can't figure out how to display anything but that program or a predifined text that I tell it to display. Sorry if I am missing something here and making it more complicated than it needs to be
  3. Hello, I'm using screen ili9340 ( 2.2 w/ micro sd card slot) by RobG with the tiva c microcontroller and Energia and am having trouble displaying data from a dht11 temperature sensor I'm using to the screen. Could someone please report me in the right deirection to get thid accomplished? I can write text to the screen with: myScreen.gText((myScreen.screenSizeX()-10*myScreen.fontSizeX())/2, (myScreen.screenSizeY()-myScreen.fontSizeY())/2, "Hello World!", colour_white); I can view the sensor data in the serial monitor using Serial.print. Any help getting the data on the screen would be
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