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  1. Have a look at Camera Cape for Beaglebone Black : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-cDFQhI2Gg&feature=youtu.be
  2. @@bluehash Yes it is a treat for all the lovers of BeagleBone Black. Infact this week special holiday promotion scheme is going on too. Also will be posting videos soon.
  3. Girija

    BeagleBone Camera Cape

    @bluehash: Started a new topic for the same. Please check : http://forum.beaglefu.com/topic/167-hd-camera-cape-for-beaglebone-black/
  4. RadiumBoards launches a smaller, friendlier and more affordable treat in HD Camera Cape for BBB Adding a camera cape to the latest BeagleBone Black, RadiumBoards has increased its “Cape”-ability to provide a portable camera solution. Thousands of designers, makers, hobbyists and engineers are adopting BeagleBone Black and are becoming huge fans because of its unique functionality as a pocket-sized expandable Linux computer that can connect to the Internet. To augment them in their work we have designed this HD Camera Cape with following features and benefits as: · 720p HD video at 30fps · Superior low-light performance · Ultra-low-power · Progressive scan with Electronic Rolling Shutter · No software effort required for OEM · Proven, off-the-shelf driver available for quick and easy software integration · Minimize development time for system designers · Easily Customized · Simple Design with Low Cost Priced for just $49.99, this game-changing cape plug for the latest credit card sized BBB can help developers differentiate their product and get to market faster. To learn more about the new and exciting cape checkout www.radiumboards.com Read System Reference Manual at :http://www.radiumboards.com/RB_HD_Camera_Cape_for_BeagleBone_Black_System_Reference_Manual_A0-01.pdf Check its datasheet at :http://www.radiumboards.com/RB_HD_Camera_Cape_for_BeagleBone_Black_Brochure_A0-01.pdf
  5. Girija

    Any camera capes out there for the beaglebone

    You can check http://www.radiumboards.com/HD_Camera_Cape_for_BeagleBone_Black.php . It might help you.
  6. Girija

    BeagleBone Camera Cape

    RadiumBoards launches a smaller, friendlier and more affordable treat in HD Camera Cape for BBB. For more details checkout www.radiumboards.com