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  1. You'll need to modify your startup_gcc.c under "(...)\hardware\lm4f\cores\lm4f\". I'll attach mine, already modified with SysTick interrupts enabled. After that, you'll need to declare in your main program another function besides setup() and loop, called "SysTickIntHandler()". Inside that function, put the code you desire, and voilà. //***************************************************************************** // // startup_gcc.c - Startup code for use with GNU tools. // // Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Texas Instruments Incorporated. All rights reserved. // Software License Agreement // //
  2. I've had the same problem using the PWM outputs. My solution was, instead of including the TI microcontroller header (wich causes many crashes under Energia), to search in the original TI header for the pin and name used and #define it manually. Worked as a charm!
  3. Yes. gpio.h uses pin_map.h, which has no declaration of these pins for StellarisPad (at least in energia). I took those #defines directly from TivaWare C Series 1.1 pin_map.h. It seems to work for Tiva pads.
  4. Solving undefined identifiers error: #define GPIO_PB6_M0PWM0 0x00011804 #define GPIO_PB7_M0PWM1 0x00011C04 #define GPIO_PB4_M0PWM2 0x00011004 #define GPIO_PB5_M0PWM3 0x00011404 #define GPIO_PE4_M0PWM4 0x00041004 #define GPIO_PE5_M0PWM5 0x00041404 #define GPIO_PF1_M1PWM5 0x00050405 #define GPIO_PF2_M1PWM6 0x00050805 #define GPIO_PF3_M1PWM7 0x00050C05
  5. @@ricardojlrufino @@pedroarbs I think this is the answer Bernard was talking about: http://patolin.com/blog/2013/05/16/stellaris-launchpad-y-energia-programando-un-cortex-m3-facilmente/
  6. Hello, everyone! I'm from Rio Grande do Sul, extreme south of Brazil, and came here searching about Energia and Tiva C. I have a large experience using PIC microcontrollers, but I'm a fresh new student to TI/ARM hardware. Will be around here, reading every topic. It will take a while
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