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    Just had to share this here, as this forum helped me get up to speed a lot in the past few days.
    For a project I am making I wanted to implement a laptops touchpad as an x/y/z input device.
    I tried porting my old arduino PS/2 code which did polling based messaging. This failed, although it might have worked in the end, I decided to port some other code I found.
    On this website I found a PS/2 driver that looked up to snuff for sending data and reading it back, so I set out to port it to Energia.
    This was a success, as can be seen with the code on https://gist.github.com/buzztiaan/7271501
    Later trying to implement the synaptics commands to switch to absolute mode and get the data out ... This turned out to be really hard, and failing in every way I came to a solution.. So I went to the datasheets..
    In the synaptics datasheet there is an example driver for systems without a KBC, so I decided to try to port that as much as-is as possible. This didn't work totally, I had a fight with the interrupt handler in which it kept winning the battle (and locking up the lm4f). So, I switched back to what I originally implemented on the arduino, polling. 
    This again was a success, as can be seen with the code on https://gist.github.com/buzztiaan/7274417
    Currently refactoring, but considered these good enough to share here, enjoy
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