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  1. Hey, go figure - you put stuff in the right spot and it works! - Thank you! Now to find a windows box so we can get the firmware updated.
  2. Noob question: What do I have to change to make it look in the correct dirs for SPI.h and WiFi.h, as well as the .cpp files that go with them?
  3. @@Rei Vilo The compile errors I am seeing are happening before it touches the silicon, I am not sure that firmware would matter at that point, would it?
  4. I am not sure if i am doing something wrong or if i have my environment setup wrong.. I have just pulled down and done a build of energia ( git clone https://github.com/energia/Energia.git /opt/energia.build && cd /opt/energia.build/build && ant linux64-build && ant linux64-run) It seemed to work fine when my daughter and I wrote her little whiskerbot, when I try to load up the sample simpleWebServer prog, i get compile errors. Here is what i have worked through so far - but now my limited C++ skills are shining through.. $ diff /opt/energia.build/libraries/Simple
  5. Hey all, I am new to the arm world and having fun so far. I am using energia, fwiw. I have a few projects in mind, mostly RC and wifi based.
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