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  1. LaserGoodies has a sale on amazon.com for our Beaglebone Black Cases. To use the offer online, enter CyberLG1 at checkout. Link to our Product Page Sale is Good Till 11:59pm PST 12/02/13.
  2. Thanks for the post of our product. The product will be back in stock in the next 12-36 hours as well as it will be shipping as Amazon Prime (out of stock now due to shipping majority of stock to amazon).
  3. Hello there @@bluehash. Thanks i am glad that you like this case. We at Laser Goodies do not currently have the inventory on hand to give out any cases. That being said we are firing up the cutter this weekend to cut our 2nd production run of this case and then will have some to spare. I would like to setup a survey on my website and get some feedback on what new materials you might like for a 2nd revision of this case. From there i will be able to pick someone at random to give away a case to as well as will send a case to a random person that voted for the winning setup of this new case.
  4. The case is crafted out of three transparent Layers. Each layer is laser cut from high quality Acrylic and once stacked they securely contain a Beagle Bone Black from shorting out but maintaining a slim profile to show off the board. while leaving the primary ports, accessible and safe. This case also has buttons on the top of the case giving you access to the Power, Reset, and Boot buttons. Weighing only 2oz the case is lightweight and ready to protect your Beagle Bone Black. Held together by high quality black Nylon bolts and nuts allowing for no tools required for assembly or disassembly. A
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