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    angel d reacted to energia in Interrupt on TivaLaunchpad   
    Any pin on the TivaC LaunchPad can serve as an external interrupt pin. The complete pin map for the TivaC and Stellaris LaunchPad can be found here: http://energia.nu/Guide_StellarisLaunchPad.html. The following Sketch should turn the LED on/off when pressing/releasing the PUSH2 button.
    int pin = RED_LED; volatile int state = LOW; void setup() { pinMode(pin, OUTPUT); pinMode(PUSH2, INPUT_PULLUP); attachInterrupt(PUSH2, blink, CHANGE); } void loop() { digitalWrite(pin, state); } void blink() { state = !state; }
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    angel d reacted to pao in help me :) using adc on tiva launchpad   
    Hi angel d
    Do you have TivaWare for C serise software 'SW-TM4C' ?
    you can download this site, http://www.ti.com/tool/sw-tm4c-drl
    SW-TM4C: is TivaWare for C Series Software SW-TM4C-DRL: is TivaWare™ Peripheral Driver Library for C Series SW-TM4C-USBL: is TivaWare™ USB Library for C Series SW-TM4C-GRL: is TivaWare™ for C Series Graphics Library 
    Do you know 'Energia'? its more easy programing tool.
    Please check this site http://energia.nu/
    enjoy Tiva world!!
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