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  1. Hi i have a tiva lauchpad and msp430FR6989, how can i do to comunicate them, with the RF module RF24L01? thanks
  2. thaks the tutorial is very good, is just what I needed
  3. I need to do a frecuencymeter, but firts i need an interruption every second and in this interrupt count pulses in one line (ex. PD_0). only i need to do this interrupt how i can do?
  4. in the arduino you can use the attachInterrup in this form you can chenge the state of led quhe push a botton int bzero = 2, // El Pin 2 corresponde al botón(interrupcion) int ledPin = 4; // La variable tipo volatile que comunica entre la // función de interrupción y bucle principal (loop) volátile int etat = HIGH ; void setup () { // El pin conectado al botón se abre en modo INPUT pinMode (Bzero, INPUT) // Pin en modo entrada // Activación de la resistencia interna pull-up digitalWrite (Bzero, HIGH ); // El pin está preparado para encender el LED pinMode (ledPin, OUTPUT ); // La inte
  5. i need to know how can use the tiva launchpad, adc, pwm, etc- examples please
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