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    BettyLPierson reacted to bluehash in [Group Buy-0] WizFi210 Serial to Wifi Module   
    Anybody interested in a group buy for this module. A breakout for the board can be found here.
    Wiznet sells the module for $24. 10 modules go for $21.5

    GB handling rate is $1.0
    US Shipping is $2.0.
    International Shipping is $5.0
    For 10 modules.
    Total : 215.60
    Fedex shipping: $13.81
    Price/module without shipping to members = (215.60+13.81)/10= 229.41/10 = 22.941
    Domestic: 22.941+1.0+2.0 = 25.941
    International: 22.941+1.0+5.50 = 29.441
    You may order a max of two modules.
    Add your name to the list:
    1. Bluehash-----------------2--------------------US 2.  
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    BettyLPierson reacted to MattTheGeek in [Trade] Stellaris Launchpad for a... Stellaris Launchpad   
    Looking to trade a Stellaris LaunchPad for, well... A Stellaris Launchpad.

    I'd like to participate in the upcoming halloween contest, but i don't have a launchpad quite yet. I was hoping that if someone has a extra stellaris launchpad, that they would be willing to send it to me, and once i finally received my order i'll send back a new one, postage paid.
    Closed. Received my launchpads from TI.
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