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  1. That's actually what I did! It really didn't help all that much unfortunately since the secret sauce was adding a nop to make the alignment work out. It did however help me to get the correct directives defined, which was extremely helpful. Website must be down, though I did take a look, and it did provide a good example. The problem is this didn't really outline the problem that I was running into, and that was just that a nop (or probably any additional instruction) just magically fixed my code. Maybe this is just one of the reasons people tell you not to write in assembly.
  2. I'm currently working with a Cortex-M0, which implements a subset of the thumb instruction set. As a learning exercise, I decided to just implement a "blinky" project in assembly, in which I was ultimately successful, but with an unanswered question. Apparently there are some instruction alignment requirements, but I don't seem to know about them, or how to find out about them. Is there a good resource for this? I'm relatively new to assembly programming, but these intricacies are what tend to hold me up. My assembler (gcc arm toolchain) would spit out dozens of errors about alignme
  3. It looks like via the code in HardwareSerial.cpp that the constructor for the Serial class is overloaded. HardwareSerial::HardwareSerial(void) HardwareSerial::HardwareSerial(unsigned long module) If you don't pass a "module", it defaults to 0. Pass the module that is associated with the configuration you want. Starting on line 92 looks like all the configurations: static const unsigned long g_ulUARTConfig[8][2] = { {GPIO_PA0_U0RX, GPIO_PA1_U0TX}, {GPIO_PC4_U1RX, GPIO_PC5_U1TX}, {GPIO_PD6_U2RX, GPIO_PD7_U2TX}, {GPIO_PC6_U3RX, GPIO_PC7_U3TX}, {GPIO_PC4_U4RX, GPIO_PC5_U4T
  4. I'll take one as well. I'm US. Sending PM...
  5. Hey! I just tried your library out, and it seems to work. Quick question though. It looks like my third column is getting cut off, like the pixels on the far right of column three are dead. http://i.imgur.com/ylT32il.png It should read: "LM4F120LaunchPad" "2x16 LCD Testi" I've looked for loose wires, but I don't see any. Does this seem like it could be due to my soldering, or just a defective lcd? Thanks!
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