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    assad reacted to bluehash in Get your Booster Packs Sponsored - $10   
    Stellarisiti will be glad to sponsor your initial Booster Pack[bP] development. $10 will be awarded to you to make initial PCBs or purchase parts. It's not much, but it is an incentive. A max of two BPs will be sponsored/month.
    This is the same as the 43oh concept. Not any rules or anything, but if many people are interested, I'll sponsor it.
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    assad reacted to nemetila in Using Stellaris Launchpad as a Thermometer   
    You need to add or link the following  files to your project. You can find them in the utils folder of Stellarisware. Right click on your project and click add files.
    - Uartstdio.c
    Or use this methode:
    Install CCS 5 and StellarisWare.
    Download and extract the Stellaris_v01.zip file, then start CCS and use "Project"->"Import existing CCS Eclipse Project".
    Browse the extracted "Stellaris_v01" directory and click "Finish". Build Project then debug.
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