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  1. It worked.I went to the Code composer studio licensing information in the hel menu and in the upgrade tab I found the answer.Thanks again.
  2. I think I have made the problem while installing.when I installed I didn't choose the free license as I can remember.I tried the uninstalling method but when I installed it in the second time the dialog box for the license options didn't appear .. For now I activated a 90 day license by registering online.thanks a lot for replying guys.Let's start these sample projects with this license
  3. Hi I'm new to stellaris.I bought a stellaris evaluation board, downloaded and installed the software(CCS, Stellarisware,etc) and I started doing the workshop.But while I was going to debug projct0 there was a message that I can't debug because of that don't have a license but the same software says that t generated a 30day trial license. As I saw in the stellaris launchpad workbook it says that when the stellaris evaluation kit is connected, the CCS will operate with full functonality. what could be the problem with my installaton. Thanks in advance.
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