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  1. It's extremely inelegant but sort of works for the moment.. I can set g_psCompDevices[0].pvInstance = 0; Which disallows access to the SD card but the mass storage is still mounted on the computer. May be ok for my purposes but I'd like to know a less icky way of doing it.
  2. After a bit of playing I can shut down the whole composite device with the following bit of code: const tUSBDMSCDevice *psDevice; ASSERT(pvInstance != 0); // // Cleanly exit device mode. // USBDCDTerm(0); // // Create a device instance pointer. // psDevice = pvInstance; // // If the media was opened the close it out. // if(psDevice->psPrivateData->pvMedia != 0) { psDevice->psPrivateData->pvMedia = 0; psDevice->sMediaFunctions.Close(0); } The problem is that this shuts down serial comms
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I tried adding USBHMSCDriveClose(0) after including usblib/host/usbhmsc.h but it seems to have no effect. I think this may be because I am not using mass storage as a host but as a device? Isn't my computer the host in this scenario and the stellaris the device? Or am I doing something wrong.
  4. I have a USB composite device that comprises of a serial port and a mass storage device that allows me to read/write directly to a SD card attached to my stellaris board. I would like to be able to enable/disable the mass storage device on the fly.. while keeping serial constant. I have tried to use the USBDMSCTerm function to stop the MSC device but it stops serial working as well which cannot happen for my application.. I'm currently adding the MSC device to my composite device as so g_psCompDevices[0].pvInstance = USBDMSCInit(0, (tUSBDMSCDevice *)&g_sMSCDevice);
  5. I have the LM4F120 Stellaris Launchpad and was wondering if it was possible to have a single USB connection (either the debug or device port on my launchpad) function simultaneously as a UART serial connect but also connect to my computer as a mass storage device? Is this at all possible? How would I go about it? Maybe I'm going about this wrong but basically what I am wishing to do is to be able to access files on an SD card that is attached to my launchpad on my computer. I simultaneously would like to be able to send messages to/from the board from the computer. Is there a good way of
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