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  1. Thanks admin. I just ordered it today, hope to get it till this weekend or next week. i had already setup linux environment for same. Also have discussed about the launchpad with Vinod S and other friends, so i think i will get familiar with it immediately. To start with the project i want to work on interfacing ethernet chip with stellaris board. Hope i will get time from my work.
  2. Hi all, I am Shrenik Shikhare. A hobbyist also a professional. I did work on PIC/AVR/ARM lpc series. I mostly worked on embedded linux and android based on ARM9 platform. Also have worked on wifi protocol development, bluetooth stack modification, zigbee application development. I would like to build big systems using stellaris. Have some ideas which i will be discussing here for your help. To know more about me you can just google for "Shrenik Shikhare". . Vinod Satur made me interested to turn towards stellaris launchpad. Thanks Vinod S. Look forward to make some stuff together. :)
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