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  1. Thank you all... Thanks for your guidance. I'll implement all suggestions. Actually in code I want to make a very quick responsive method for the stability of the device using IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and my task is not to waste even a 1 micro second while gaining that stability... I need to create a strict lines for the variables which are irregular with respect to time... I think Class or Structures can be the option (using the public and private section properly)... Or if any other option which can make the device quick will be better to foll
  2. Can't we trigger the interrupt without checking the variable values??? my question was whenever the value goes higher than threshold it should be trigger the interrupt. I don't want to check it all the time...
  3. Hello All, I am using LM4F120 Stellaris Launchpad. Though this question is not related strictly to this only controller, I want to ask to solve my query which has been born while using this controller! I am programming my logic and I need a strategy to active a software interrupt when the value of the particular variable is get exceeded by predefined threshold value. Is it possible?? And when the value is get lower down to that threshold value the interrupt should be disable. For ex. Variable name is flag Threshold value Th = 200; Whenever Flag is more than 200 the interrupt
  4. Thank you for your help bluehash Here is what I am using to get print the float value using UARTPrintf: float Rx,Xd; void main() { setup(); initialize(); get_data(); Rx = Xd/3; UARTprintf("Rx : %f ",Rx); } //I've edited the printf option to the "full" in properties. // and also have edited stack size. It is 4096 in present // I am getting " Rx : ERROR " in output screen of putty (without quotes) I've used sprintf so many times in keil and in other compilers... I prefer it the most for this kind of cases. But unfortunately
  5. @Bingo600, Thanks ... It works now. BTW may I know how I can do this using UARTPrintf? I mean I've tried using increased satck size (it was 256 and I've inceased to 4096) & also have edited the printf option to the full, but by doing this I am getting "ERROR" written on the screen . It's not programming error it is "ERROR" string I am getting on UART instead of float no. If you can help me understanding this also then it would be great for me. Thanks again to all of you.
  6. the value of g is varying from 0.00 to 3.00 If I check it on ccs then it's updationg properly as it should be... in shourt pragram is proper and it's working properly.. Only problem Is I am unable to print "g" through UARTPrintf... It is showing me "valu of g is : 0.00" Everytime... Though it's value is 0.008562 or 2.89562 or anything else (as I've observe it on ccs using watch expression feature) It shows me that same string every time! Any suggestions?
  7. I am also doing the same thing... could you help me please? I know how to use sprintf... but it doesn't work And I don't know how to turn on printf support full & how to set stack to 4096?? And can anyone explain me how actually we are making controller able to print float by just increasing stack? @aBUGSworstnightmare, Thanks for that code.... I've used it as per following, but I am unable to make it works for me: ftoa(g,str); // I've defined g as float and str as " char *str; " UARTprintf("valu of g is : %s",str); Am I wrong ???
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