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  1. the sensor hub code works like a charm also with mpu6050 (only for accelerometer and gyroscope data). i added a custom part in the sensor library to obtain raw bytes from the sensors, and a custom function in uart library to obtain them without modifications
  2. Finally my GY-80 boards are arrived from china , I'm still waiting for bluetooth modules but now I can start working. I will try them with your code to test if they are working or faulty, then I will start to study your code and then modify it or write my own one. I've downloaded last version from your repository (r11) and successfully imported the project into CCS. How can I test if my setup is working after compiling the code? Have I to set something into project options? These are the connections from Stellaris board to GY-80 board: Stellaris VBUS -> GY-80 VCC_IN S
  3. just cloned the repository, thank you. I'm waiting for the sensor modules, when they will arrive I will try your code and start the developement
  4. where can I find that code?
  5. My name is Dario, I am 27 and I live in Trento (Italy). I am an electronics engineer, in my spare time I like playing with Microcontrollers.
  6. Hi pentiumpc, Just few days ago I started the developement of a bluetooth inertial sensor board, to capture body movements. I need to acquire 3D accelerometer and gyroscope data for the very first prototype, but magnetometer should be very useful in the future, so your example will be very useful for me. for the prototype I will use: - stellaris launchpad - GY-80 sensors board - HC06 bluetooth module (to send data to a PC) I look for your code in the google-site link you posted before, but I can't find it... thanks in advance Dario
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