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  1. I don't have access to a full data sheet yet but they should have floating point. Just a name and part number change.
  2. Same as Stellaris LM4F with a new name. Tivasiti? Oh yeah, there are also references to Tivaware.
  3. Coming soon: https://estore.ti.com/Tiva-C-LaunchPad.aspx
  4. Nah, no OS. Just bare metal. The A8 is used to control a theatrical moving light fixture. DMX, ethernet, and about 38 stepper motors all microstepping in real time. Randy
  5. I've been an Engineer for over 35 years and been doing embedded controller projects for about 30 years. Most of my work in the last 10 years has been ARM 7 and ARM 9 but my recent projects are Cortex A8 and M4 based. We do lighting controls and moving light fixtures for the entertainment industry. Lots of high power LED and motor controls. Now I'm just waiting for TI to start shipping LM4F parts... Randy
  6. The free license for CCS also works if you have an XDS100 JTAG connected. These are only around $70 and allow you to compile and debug your own custom hardware instead of being tied to a dev kit. Randy
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