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  1. It's working :-) . Thanks very much. How I can view the visual output (temperature data) in IAR system. Many thanks.
  2. Thanks for your reply. After following your instructions, got the following message: [su003]: in "--define_symbol PART_LM4F120H5QR": missing '=' Error while running Linker Total number of errors: 1 Total number of warnings: 0 Kind regards and thanks in advance.
  3. Hi I am new in microcontrolloer programming. While I compile the program in IAR workbench, I got the following message: Error[Pe020]: identifier "GPIO_PA0_U0RX" is undefined Error[Pe020]: identifier "GPIO_PA1_U0TX" is undefined I have included all necessary headerfiles and choose the stellaris in device option. Appreciate help. Rgs. Anisul
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