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  1. Thanks, I did not read the errata (page 25) before programming the EEPROM - lesson lerned: "Due to a factory configuration error, if the EEPROM has been programmed and then a POR is executed, both the Flash memory and EEPROM will be unable to be programmed" However, my revision is G4 and your code just works for me as I have checked this morning. Great job, Energia is a lot more simple, for me of course, than Code Composer or similar .
  2. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if we can use (read / write) the internal EEPROM of LM4F120 with Energia ? Does somebody know how to do that ? I just did a search ... but found nothing useful. Basically I am using the launchpad together with a couple of cheap thermistors and an LCD display to control a central heating system . I think it would be nice to store in the internal EEPROM the temperatures for starting and stopping the pump, this way I could make changes (by using a keyboard) without reflashing the launchpad. To measure the temperature with thermistors I had to use the Taylor s
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