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  1. I just found this link which also agrees with your input. It illustrates what I've been looking for: running a demo that uses uartprintf() on this target from linux. http://hardwarefun.com/tutorials/testing-ti-stellaris-lm4f120-launchpad-using-demo-program Thanks again.
  2. Hi, This site has been a very good resource. I was able to get debugging from CCS to LM4F120 launpad working from ubuntu. So, now I'm moving on to my next issue... My environment: Ubuntu 12.04; CCS 5.2.1; TI Stellaris LM4F120 Launchpad. The launchpad target has to uUSB ports, one for debug the other for com, e.g. uartprintf(). The qs_rgb and helloworld examples use uartprintf() to communicate with a user, but I have not been able to get it to work from my ubuntu laptop. When I connect the 2nd (non-debug) USB to my laptop it does not enumerate. Any idea how I can get this t
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