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  1. My replay ! :/ : Sure i will , but i Used MikroC for arm and i cant buy it or crack it in other way
  2. Thnxxx all very Much .. Specially igor .. ThnQ
  3. i used to compile using MikroC .. but know i cant buy it so which other Compiler should i Use ! IAR Keil GCC G++ CCS and if i choose any one of them how to begin to know its syntax ?
  4. Hello guys, Greetings form Egypt my name is Kareem and I am 20 Years old iam Very very very new in Arm MC .. and i cant find any one can help me for nw i got ' mikroelectronica kit >> EasyMx for Stellaris Arm << ' but i Used to compile on Micro C for Pic and dsPic so when i begin to learn Stellaris arm i also used micro C but i cant Buy it :-( [ 300$ ] so now i cant do any thing i dont know what can i do and cant find any one Guide me :/ any help Pleaaaaaaaase ! and ThnQ Guys
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