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  1. Thanks for the replies, @bluehash: ok, I'll try it this way - I think I was on the false track regarding the 100ms. Your suggestion makes sense, since the 100ms are only needed for the MAX to "settle down", but a single reading of course will be shorter than this time. So after four polls all sensors have the mentioned 100ms until next reading. @hvontres: Thanks for the hint, I will keep this in mind, e.g. when wiring a SPI-LCD. Kind regards yosh
  2. Hi bluehash, thanks for your reply. The problem is not, that the readings of the four thermocouples could "be off by a few ms". The problem is, that I want 10 readings/sec on each thermocouple, so 40 readings total per second. So from my understanding this could only be done, if I use four seperate SPI ports - or am I wrong? The 100ms delay in the code examples confuses me ;-) Or do you think it would be sufficent to make the 4 "readTemperature"-calls and then wait the suggested 100ms? Kind regards, yosh
  3. Hello everybody, I'm totally new to microcontroller programming, so please excuse my question ;-) I am planning to build up a thermocouple reader for 4 thermoelements. The stellaris datasheet states, that there are four SPIs available. I would like to use these, to connect four MAX31855 thermocouple ICs on seperate "lines", so that the four MAX31855 do not have to share a single channel. According to some reading in the net, a single temperature reading needs about 100ms of time, so I could make 10 readings a second. Is it possible to make 10 readings a second on all four MAX in parallel,
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