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  1. Hello, Does any one has a working example for reading/writing SPI EEPROM ? I've tried the soft spi sample the hard spi sample, read the TI forums, several SPI EEPROM devices reading the datasheets for the waveforms and commands. I also have a logic analyzer which shows the correct waveform being sent, BUT I get no data back, tested the eeprom and it works fine (it's a part of an existing system). Frankly I'm at a loss here, can't read a simple stupid SPI device. So if some one has a working example with the SPI EEPROM connected to the launchapd, I will be greatfull. Thank yo
  2. @szymekrak cool project, I was the one that ported the module code from PIC32 and since then added SD card and S3M support, you can get the sources here Keep us updated!
  3. Added SD card support and S3M format: Link
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