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  1. Fireball

    Pin interrupts - how to sense the edge?

    Thanks, that answers my question.
  2. Hello! MCU: Stellaris Lauchpad, LM4F120. I have a GPIO input pin which is being fed with a signal. I need to sense both edges of the interrupt, so I successively use GPIO_BOTH_EDGES and that works great. But. In the interrupt routine, I need to handle two different cases: when it's rising edge, and when it's falling edge. How to properly implement that, to know what edge caused this specific interrupt? Just reading the input pin immediately in the beginning of the interrupt doesn't seem to do the trick. Thanks, Aleksey.
  3. Fireball

    LM3S8962 / LM3S2110 Engine Management System

    If you did not give up, my brother and me are building engine control unit for the power generator (2 cylinders, 10 hp engine), based on the LM4F120 board. I'll post updates and links to code here soon, as soon as we resolve other questions first.