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  1. I am working with Windows XP. Is there a kind of batch file that I can use it as an example? hmmm tomorrow I am looking at : http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/445-gcc-make-and-windows/
  2. Oh blinky examples in Code composer is for me no problem. But to compile that project. What must I do to compile such project? What kind of parameters, what kind of linker etcetera.
  3. Is there a simple guide for compiling things like this in windows? http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/287-enc28j60-booster-pack/ I installed the gnue tools and stellaris ware and try to read the documents. But I lost. Maybe an idea to make a topic with the most commont things?
  4. Is there a simple guide for building projects? Or can I find one maybe a FAQ topic placing on this forum? My problem is that I want to build the ENC28J60 Booster Pack, For me as a newbee I don't know how to build this. Installed the code composer studio installed the Gnu tools. Import the project in code composer but what NEXT?
  5. Hi there, Here is a guy from the Netherlands. I bought a stellaris launchpad from Ti for just $4.99. Delivered very nice and now just explore try by error and discovering. Hopefully it works even nice as my PIC experience.
  6. Maybe a stupid question. Is there a wizzard guide how to build this? I installed stellisware, works very fine, installed the gnu tools and what must I next??
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