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  1. Well, here is my 2 cents. Im working on a kind of DSO using the stellaris launchpad, and visual basic 2010. Right now, the stellaris can sample in 1 channel (pin PA7) at different speeds, selectable via serial port commands. Right now, it can sample at 1Msps (890Ksps real), 500Ksps, 250Ksps, 125Ksps using ADC interrupt, and 64ksps, 32ksps, 16ksps, 8ksps, and 2 ksps using timer interrupt. My code samples a 4096 samples buffer, and when receives the "c" command, it sends the values stored in the buffer in ASCII over the serial port, and the its plotted on the VB app. pretty simple, b
  2. The real problem arround here, is the interrupt routines definition in the startup.gcc I have been fighting for 2 weeks with Energia, trying to enable the timer 0 and the interrupt based ADC. But when I declare the interrupt functions on the startup.gcc file, the code compiles without problem, and its loaded into the stellaris without errors, or freezings, like the ones that brownfox is having. My code idea was to sample a signal at full speed (1Msps) and have a constant clock signal at 1hz, all interrupt based. Actually Im sampling at 950Ksps, filling a 2048 samples block, without DMA
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