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  1. Hi, A very nice contest. I would like to submit my project which I began during the summer holidays, the MP3-thing. Sadly, I had no time to work on it for a long time, however this is not a dead project and I am currently doing some bugfixes and plan to add a feature or two tommorow. Would it be OK to submit this project anyway?
  2. I see that my code for timer differs. This is how I enable my timer for fatfs library: ROM_SysCtlPeripheralEnable(SYSCTL_PERIPH_TIMER0); ROM_TimerConfigure(TIMER0_BASE, TIMER_CFG_PERIODIC); TimerIntRegister(TIMER0_BASE,TIMER_A,FatInt); ROM_TimerLoadSet(TIMER0_BASE, TIMER_A, (SysCtlClockGet() / 100 )-1); ROM_IntEnable(INT_TIMER0A); ROM_TimerIntEnable(TIMER0_BASE, TIMER_TIMA_TIMEOUT); ROM_TimerEnable(TIMER0_BASE, TIMER_A); FatInt is the name of my timer function. My code uses string functions and they work. I don't have IntMasterDisable nor IntMasterEnable anywhere.
  3. Are you using the wrapper or normal FatFs? Here you can find memory usage of normal FatFs library: http://elm-chan.org/fsw/ff/en/appnote.html#memory
  4. Hi. Finally I decided to say a word or two about a project I am currently working on. While this is nothing innovative or really impressive, this is my first invention that actually can be used for something. This is a MP3 player, with colour LCD screen and touchpanel. I also hope to add some features that an iPod or something like don't have, for example serial console, or AVR programmer. I have made something like a Booster Pack to connect elements together. While this is a perfboard with a lot of cables, and it looks ugly, it works and I can even say it is portable. I would like
  5. I've found this: http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.dui0171b/Cihhgjad.html I have no experience using it, though.
  6. Could you please upload myfirstlab.c? Do the functions without ROM_ prefix work?
  7. I am afraid this wrapper doesn't have mentioned functionality. But normal FatFs library can. I use it with Energia without any problems. I use diskio.c from one of the StellarisWare examples, modified to suit my connections. However, unmodified FatFs library requires using a timer. The SDFat library also works with Energia(some code changes are needed), but it is slower because of using things like digitalWrite. Attached file contains fatfs and SDFat from my libraries directory. They worked for me, but my SD card is connected to SSI3 and this is hardcoded. Wouldn't be hard to modify, I th
  8. Hi, The EEPROM library included in Energia should work fine. As Energia is based on Arduino, this document should help you: http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/EEPROM You can of course use DriverLib functions like me. The following code reads 5 first words(one word is 4 bytes): long unsigned int calD[5]; ROM_EEPROMRead(calD,0,20); You can get bytes from words using bit shifting, but in my case I just need to store 32-bit integers. And this is how I wrote these values into EEPROM: long unsigned int tt[5]; tt[0]=value1; ... tt[4]=value5; ROM_EEPROMProgram(tt,0,20); The Stellaris EEPR
  9. I think that static const should work. I have put 153600 bytes image inside the flash with this method. It worked just fine.
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