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  1. Probably too late but try giving this a try http://code.google.com/p/stellaris-launchpad-installation-script/ in conjunction with http://www.jann.cc/2012/12/11/getting_started_with_the_ti_stellaris_launchpad_on_linux.html to install the stellarisware examples. J
  2. Hey guys, I just recently got my ubuntu laptop set-up to work with my launchpad but I ran into a couple of minor issues. Thanks to another member of this forum (Elimpnick) I got all my stuff up and running. That being said, I decided to conjure up a quick and dirty little script that would help anyone else going through the same thing. - The script installs the summon-arm-toolchain, lm4tools and the D2XX driver needed to work with CC5. - The script downloads everyting in ~/stellaris you can find the script here: http://code.google.com/p/stellaris-launchpad-installation-script
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