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  1. If you want to run PinMux utility on Linux or MacOSX checkout this guide: http://fabhack.com/doc/stellaris/pinout#pinmux_utility
  2. I have created an Eagle library for LM4F120H5QR part - see https://github.com/fabhack/eagle and grab fabhack.lbr if you want to play with this! Comments and fixes are welcome! Also a reference design for minimalistic custom board would be very nice! :-)
  3. Hi! Is there a reference design for board using LM4F120H5QR in case I want to create a custom board based on this chip? (Stellaris Launchpad is quite big for my project). Ideally in Eagle format. Or at least is there a library that contains LM4F120H5QR part so I can create such reference design?
  4. I fixed the issue by replacing the mentioned line with a series of assignments. See the commit here.
  5. I was able to narrow the problem even further - if I use freshly built libusb-cm4f.a and just replace usbdenum.o in it from the original version, it starts to work. So the problem lies somewhere in the usblib/device/usbdenum.c It seems that GCC emits memcpy call in usbdenum.o which does not happen in any other object file. I tried -fno-builtin and -fno-builtin-memcpy but memcpy call is still emited. The culprit is the line 2571: sConfDesc = *(tConfigDescriptor *)g_psUSBDevice[0].pEP0Data; which gets optimized to memcpy call.
  6. So you are using linux-gnueabi instead of none-eabi? I did not know this is possible on Cortex M3/M4 MCUs
  7. Btw, has anyone found the solution for the USB enumeration problem? I don't want to use different toolchain than GCC. :-/ PS: After the full GCC rebuild of Stellarisware, if I revert the usblib/gcc-cm4f/libusb-cm4f.a file, the examples start to work. I'm documenting this at my knowledge base: http://fabhack.com/doc/stellaris/faq
  8. Thanks! I added your example to my git repo - https://github.com/fabhack/SW-EK-LM4F120XL (upstream branch is unchanged stellarisware from .exe installer, master is inteded for small modifications like yours).
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