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    aduckysoods reacted to Bernard in How to come back to IP.Board   
    days ago I switched to IP.Board mobile ( just curious) and I cannot come back to Ip.Board. I haven't found how to do that. some help needed.
    Thank you
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    aduckysoods reacted to bluehash in Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings to everyone.   
    Wish you the same!
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    aduckysoods reacted to OppaErich in Dear Mr. NSA   
    you certainly know who's spamming our boards. Could you please launch some cruise missiles at them ?
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    aduckysoods reacted to abecedarian in Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings to everyone.   
    Regardless your faith, this is a special time of year.
    The nights are getting shorter and the days are getting longer. Crops sprouted over-winter will be planted soon; others will be sowed in short time.
    I hope everything the coming year brings is beneficial to all.
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