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  1. I can't really see based on the small snip of code, but it's likely optimized those lines out. Setting car and fno as volatile would be a good start.
  2. Hey thanks. Nothing new here, but at least it confirms it should work with what I have. I've been sick this week and the motorcycle isn't going anywhere until next Summer, so this isn't a high priority for me. What I know about the CANBUS on this motorcycle. The transmission speed is 1Mbit. The packets are only sent from the ECU to the gauge. Because of this there's no ID on the packets, everything just goes. Unfortunately I have no idea about the actual packets so I'm going to need to decypher what data is being sent in what packets.
  3. Yes, it's an HC-06 I think, not the HC-05 I originally stated. The one without the host mode option. It has the original linvor firmware on it. I've been playing with interfaces to Android, which is pretty easy over bluetooth serial. If I get this running I can use it to send CAN messages to display on an Android device app or just a serial bridge to PC.
  4. I'm embarrassed about the etching job. I ran out of alcohol to clean the board and it didn't take very well, but it's all put together if not pretty. I also realized after I took the picture that the board was plugged into the launchpad backwards, but I'm too lazy to retake the picture. Oh well, I'll try it out next week. I didn't want to just put on the CAN transceiver and waste all the rest of the space so I put on a place to plug in an HC-05 board and cheap LCD.
  5. The simplerx example looks just that, simple. It does just what I need since the bus on my motorcycle does not have id'ed packets it will take me a bit to decypher it all. I've designed up a quick board with a mcp2551 on it and I'll etch it this weekend. Not looking forward to the amount of drilling that needs to be done for the launchpad headers.
  6. I found some examples in the StellarisWare Peripherals Examples directory that I can look at. EDIT: Wow, this is the most inline documentation I have ever seen for example code. There's like a paragraph of explanation for each few lines of code.
  7. Has anyone tried out the CAN peripheral? I have a motorcycle that I ruined the gauge cluster. I made up a new cluster with a LPC1752, but it's missing tachometer and engine temp because these are only provided on a CANBUS from the ECU and not discrete signals. I have the CAN hardware setup with the LPC1752 with a MCP2551, but I just haven't tried the coding because it looks like a real pain. I figured with the Launchpad and the driver lib I would give it a try with this. Looking to see if anyone has any sample code using the driverlib. I didn't see any driverlib examples in the imp
  8. I just received a ship notice. Ordered 10/3. Some people are saying that business and education email addresses get priority. I should have used a different e-mail address, then.
  9. I don't think I'll even get a Stellaris LP kit in time. The Ethernet_CAN evaluation kits look really good as well.
  10. I made up my own breadboard adapters for the 1114 and 1313.
  11. I've used LPC M0, and M3 parts. LPC17xx, LPC13xx, and LPC11xx. The new stripped down M0+ part (LPC800) look promising.
  12. Don't buy this. I bought this one about 2 months ago and it is not compatible with the latest drivers, which is a pain. I never got it working with the old drivers and I bricked it trying out the new drivers, because they have an Anti-clone check. I bought this one from an e-bay seller: http://www.hotmcu.com/usbminijtag-jlink-jtagswd-debuggeremula%E2%80%8Btor-p-29.html?cPath=3_25 It works with the latest drivers. It's tiny and it has dual status LED's. One for USB connect and one when there's power found from the connector. The old one looks like it has some level shifting chips
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