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  1. I got my working with the reader I bought on ebay for under $2 on ebay. good luck! http://www.banggood.com/SD-Card-Module-Slot-Socket-Reader-For-Arduino-ARM-MCU-Read-Write-p-74105.html?currency=USD&utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_content=miko_ruby&utm_campaign=Electronics&gclid=CK20nZP_1LkCFWxo7Aod-DYA0w
  2. No problem samuel, You just need to modify the LCDWriteText subroutine and change the case 1 from 0xC0 to 0xA0
  3. I made some modifications to the drivers. They can be found here https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B2e01HJNFmp0ZFJHN3k1ZUQ2UHM/edit See the example in the main.c
  4. Thanks, Here is the files location. Add/Replace these file to the original project from EuphonistiHack. https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B2e01HJNFmp0Ym1reFdlR0Q5OGM/edit
  5. Hello, I am ready to release the source code. Can someone point me to the right place?
  6. Actually, I do have the code to display on the top row as well but it does not look too good due to the gaps between the row. I will clean up the codes a bit then release it. Keep in mind that this type of LCD need some delays between commands that could cause the audio mismatch. Thanks.
  7. Nice job and thanks for sharing your project with us. I have managed to get my working and output the frequency to the 16X2 LCD. Please check it out.
  8. Hi, I have a hard time understand the pins assignment on the launch pad (first time user), Can you help? For example: #define RS GPIO_PIN_0 Is this conect to PD0 ???? #define E GPIO_PIN_1 Is this conect to PD1 ???? #define D4 GPIO_PIN_4 ?? #define D5 GPIO_PIN_5 ?? #define D6 GPIO_PIN_6 ?? #define D7 GPIO_PIN_7 ?? Thanks for your help.
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