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  1. ftoa(g,str);         // I've defined g as float and str as " char *str; "


    Did you remember to let str  point at a something valid ?

    Using just str would garble something ...... Whatever str i pointing at ...




    char buffer[20] , *str;
    str = buffer;
    or - just plain
    char buffer[20];



    Ohh btw ... I didn't really look at the ftoa() , but shouldn't that generated string be terminated with a '\0' before returning




  2. Thomas


       Can I ask what complier your using to build this?





    While i don't know what compiler Thomas is using , my guess would be Yagarto.



    It's a well proven arm-gcc compiler for windows , and the latest version generates very tight code.

    That the Yagarto homepage and author is German based like Thomas , doesn't hurt either.


    But that's all a qualified guess.


    Thomas could be "linux based" ...




  3. I'm using Code::Blocks IDE 12.xx on Linux Mint 14.1 Mate - (fast and native as in not java)

    To avoid all the "plugin" issues , i'm using makefiles ... And not "Clicky..Clicky".

    This gives me the advantage of being able to compile for any arm-gcc supported mcu  TI,NXP,ST,Atmel.


    So primarily i use CB for editor , and the debugger (uses arm-gdb)


    Ohh and i second , using the "launchpad" arm compiler.


    I previously used CodeSourcery lite , but after Mentor took over i have abandoned due to all the register stuff.


    And i have a feeling that , while ARM was backing up CodeSourcey ($$) before the Mentor takeover.

    ARM have moved their support to the "launchpad" arm-gcc , and therefore the launchpad gcc is the one with the most recent features.





    Edit: I use this repos/ppa  (the stock CB is too old) -  




    # http://lgp203.free.fr/ubuntu/
    deb http://lgp203.free.fr/ubuntu quantal universe
    deb-src http://lgp203.free.fr/ubuntu quantal universe

  4. I'm expecting another 2 x 4.95$ boards in December.

    Will have a look when they arrive.



    Just got the 2 new ones , also LX chips.


    But i never would have guessed they they were that hancicapped :-(



    TI says timerbased port toggle is a No..No on the current chips


    Well it was cheap.



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