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  1. Btw ... have never tried Energia , but have just build it from github (Linux Mint 17 / Ubuntu 14.04).

    A 1.2GB "clone"   :o  , but very fast build of whatever has to been build , certainly not the compilers (only took a few minutes)


    It took me a few minutes to find the "executables" , that's placed in : Energia/build/linux/work


    I didn't want to use "ant run" every time i wanted to start energia.

  2. bss/ebss errors "smells of" missing linker file definitions




    Maybe try one of the energia linkerfiles (they seem to have bss/ebss)








    Ohh and i'd recommend to drop the Codesourcery compiler , and get the arm-gcc compiler from launchpad.






  3. Got my two EK-TM4C1294XL , with XM4C129 chips

    Decided to skip the "Unknown connect" to the demosite , and build + load "blinky"  - D1 is blinking green

    I'm using GCC , and the nice template from here , and the lm4flash (as root)

    Connect the debugport with the USB cable and fire away:


    build $ sudo /home/bingo/bin/lm4flash main.bin
    Found ICDI device with serial: 0F0006C6
    ICDI version: 12245

    I wonder what the makefile entry - really should be  (seems like the new tivaware rel notes says they abandoned the BLIZZARD stuff)




  4. Just saw this free book from Geoffrey Brown , a guy i have had some dialouge with, after i did the Versaloon port to the STM32-VL-Discovery board.


    Looks like he did a nice work here




    Book Url










  5. If anyone else got a 1$ LPC812 Max board.



    And want to do a blinky with arm-gcc , i just completed one with help from the below repos.



    1: Get the base repos

    git clone https://github.com/sebseb7/lpc8xx


    2: Extract the attached sources into the newly cloned lpc8xx dir.


    3: make


    4: insert the lpc812 MAX Board into an USB slot on the pc (it'll open a new file-explorer window , like an usb-disk)

    , pull the blinky.bin onto the "disk"


    5: Press the Reset Key on the board , and your program is running.


    I use linux , and arm-gcc from here https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded




  6. Thanx BravoV (& TI)


    Also got 2 Tiva's ....

    Dropped LM4F-Launchpads , as i have 4 , and the silicon is prob still buggy





    I'm linux based ,and Firefox wont download the TI SW ...

    I had to use Chromium ...


    A Snip from TI's forum



    Update 03-Sept-2013:

    We discovered this week that the current release of Firefox (v23.0.1) contains some type of script that interferes with software downloads from TI.com. Of course, this impacts a good deal of Stellaris and Tiva software. We have tested downloads with both IExplorer and Chrome, and both of these browsers have no problems with downloads at all.

    If you are having problems downloading TI software, please try the download using either Chrome or Internet Explorer.

  7. Buying anything like that in single quantities is annoyingly difficult here in Denmark as well. As a consequence I always wait until I need

    alot of things and place orders at Mouser. I've also managed to order stuff together with a couple of collegues.


    Mouser has free shipping for purchases over 100USD, and besides VAT (25% in Denmark), I have never paid any extra custom fees. But then again, in Denmark there are no custom duties to be paid for electronics components.

    So, if you are interested in buying 39, I think the price would be around 100USD making the shipping from Mouser free.

    Thanx for the tip.


    I seem to remember they were a lot cheaper @Arrow , and wa shoping we could hit the 100 pcs price.

    But else i'll have a loon at Mousers shipping again.


    Thanx for the tip



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