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  1. Nice Is this code usable for the other stellaris arm's also, or is it 1294' specific ? tia /Bingo
  2. Bingo600

    Cortex M7 coming

    Afaik ST is doing a M7 /Bingo
  3. Btw ... have never tried Energia , but have just build it from github (Linux Mint 17 / Ubuntu 14.04). A 1.2GB "clone" , but very fast build of whatever has to been build , certainly not the compilers (only took a few minutes) It took me a few minutes to find the "executables" , that's placed in : Energia/build/linux/work I didn't want to use "ant run" every time i wanted to start energia.
  4. He..He - Syscall routines (newlib) in the startup ..... Nasty ..... /Bingo
  5. bss/ebss errors "smells of" missing linker file definitions Maybe try one of the energia linkerfiles (they seem to have bss/ebss) https://github.com/energia/Energia/tree/master/hardware/lm4f/cores/lm4f https://github.com/energia/Energia/blob/master/hardware/lm4f/cores/lm4f/lm4fcpp_blizzard.ld https://github.com/energia/Energia/blob/master/hardware/lm4f/cores/lm4f/lm4fcpp_snowflake.ld Ohh and i'd recommend to drop the Codesourcery compiler , and get the arm-gcc compiler from launchpad. https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded /Bingo
  6. Get the energia files here https://github.com/energia/Energia/tree/master/hardware/lm4f/cores/lm4f /bingo
  7. I get the same in Firefox 29 on a Linux Mint 14. /bingo
  8. @@spirilis You mention an IRC channel in the other post , could you come up with some more info ? /Bingo
  9. Thanx Just found your nice explanation here http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/1884-understanding-arm-based-controller-stellaris-through-driverlib-or-through-registers/ Is the TARGET_IS just used for the ROM functions ? I have also used MCU = TM4C1294NCPDT And hope that's correct /Bingo
  10. Got my two EK-TM4C1294XL , with XM4C129 chips Decided to skip the "Unknown connect" to the demosite , and build + load "blinky" - D1 is blinking green I'm using GCC , and the nice template from here , and the lm4flash (as root) https://github.com/uctools/tiva-template Connect the debugport with the USB cable and fire away: build $ sudo /home/bingo/bin/lm4flash main.bin Found ICDI device with serial: 0F0006C6 ICDI version: 12245 I wonder what the makefile entry - really should be (seems like the new tivaware rel notes says they abandoned the BLIZZARD stuff) CFLAGS += -DTARGET_IS_BLI
  11. Just saw this free book from Geoffrey Brown , a guy i have had some dialouge with, after i did the Versaloon port to the STM32-VL-Discovery board. Looks like he did a nice work here Discovering.the.STM32.Microcontroller-book Book Url ------------------ www.cs.indiana.edu/~geobrown/book.pdf http://homes.soic.indiana.edu/geobrown/index.cgi/publications%C2'> /Bingo
  12. Hmmm .... My "crystalball" is out of order right now. So i cant look at your screen to see error messages etc ... So ... Sorry i cant help /Bingo
  13. I'm to lazy to look it up , but i'm quite sure there is some kind of "register mask" that can be set , so that any writes will only affect the low half of the port /Bingo
  14. EA has released the source for theit demo (mbed code) http://www.embeddedartists.com/sites/default/files/support/xpr/LPC812_max/LPC812MAXdemoTest_revPA1.zip I just "tried" to port it to CMSIS , it is an ugly hack and the formatting is terrible. I have no idea if i got the I2C right , but it responds to the button. Edit: I just threw the source through indent , so the formatting is a bit nicer. /Bingo EA-c.zip
  15. If anyone else got a 1$ LPC812 Max board. http://www.embeddedartists.com/products/lpcxpresso/lpc812_max.php And want to do a blinky with arm-gcc , i just completed one with help from the below repos. https://github.com/sebseb7/lpc8xx 1: Get the base repos git clone https://github.com/sebseb7/lpc8xx 2: Extract the attached sources into the newly cloned lpc8xx dir. 3: make 4: insert the lpc812 MAX Board into an USB slot on the pc (it'll open a new file-explorer window , like an usb-disk) , pull the blinky.bin onto the "disk" 5: Press the Reset Key on the board , and y
  16. @agaelema Strange ... And you made sure that the includes i mentioned was included before the "Cpu include" /Bingo
  17. Did you try to include stdint.h I don't use CCS , but would expect it also have a stdint.h The net suggests to include stdbool.h , for the bool definition Both ought to be system defs meaning : #include <stdint.h> , and not #include "stdint.h" /Bingo
  18. Got my Tiva launchpads today .... Thanx TI ..... /Bingo
  19. Have a look here He's got some small examples http://users.ece.utexas.edu/~valvano/arm/ /Bingo
  20. Thanx BravoV (& TI) Also got 2 Tiva's .... Dropped LM4F-Launchpads , as i have 4 , and the silicon is prob still buggy /Bingo Edit: I'm linux based ,and Firefox wont download the TI SW ... I had to use Chromium ... A Snip from TI's forum
  21. Just saw this http://hackaday.com/2013/04/27/video-player-built-from-stellaris-launchpad/ Rather cool /Bingo Oops ... Double post .... Maybe a MOD can remove one of them
  22. Thanx for the tip. I seem to remember they were a lot cheaper @Arrow , and wa shoping we could hit the 100 pcs price. But else i'll have a loon at Mousers shipping again. Thanx for the tip /Bingo
  23. I would love to get my hands on a few of those DIP's .... But Shipping + customs Fee's are killing me (will be around 100$) .... Wonder if we could make a "Group buy" us poor sods in EU ... I'd be in for 39+ ... Afaik they come in tubes with 13 ... /Bingo
  24. Hmmm You got another board than i have ... My board wouldn't print those floats if all there is in main is : return(0) Ohh and return(0) in main() on an OS-less mcu wouldn't be my "first choice" unless i loved "HaraKiri" or some other nastyness /Bingo
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